Live Music at Your Event

Got an event coming up? A happening on the horizon?

Live music adds an awesome extra dimension that connects and energises a crowd. 

It sets the atmosphere and helps people relax into the mood of the occasion.  Live music is engaging entertainment that makes for good times. 

House supplies live music thats just right for gatherings such as

  • garden parties
  • birthday and anniversary celebrations
  • rituals
  • housewarmings
  • weddings
  • openings
  • venues wanting regular entertainment
  • fairs and fundraisers
  • community events and shows
  • garage parties
  • lauches
  • work parties.

We can spice up any shindig going down.

How does it work?

It's a simple formula.  Tell us what kind of event you are planning and when you are  holding it.   It might be happening on your deck, on the back of a truck, on a stage, in the venue you have hired or at the shearing quarters.   We work with you to sort out the music that just right for your occasion, your guests, your budget and your space.  

You're in charge all the way however we'll help you decide the style of music you want, the length of the performance, the volume and the size of the performing group.

We turn up, plug in and do the business.

What style?  You'll be able to choose from blues, rock, roots, jazz, classical, folk, rock 'n roll, celtic, county, electronica, ambient. instrumental ... you name it.

Fresh sounds or familiar tunes?   The  kiwi music ground swell has bought us a vast selection of fantastic grass roots original music.  These fresh sounds have the added dimension of being the unqiue work of the performing artist.   You can't hear it anywhere else on the planet!    On the other hand you might prefer a mix of tunes that you hear on the radio or grew up with ... maybe a blend of each? You name it.

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