How does it work?

It's easy.  You gather your friends, make the space ready and host a fantastic, unique and memorable event.   We provide the musicians! 

What do I do to set up a house concert?

Although sucessful house concerts can be given in  small function rooms, cafe settings  or  art galleries your place is the very best setting. 

There is nothing particularly special you are required to do at home to put on a house concert.

It's important that the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly so just think of it as having friends over and do what you would normally do.  There is no lavish expectation.

Normal chairs and cushions on the floor are fine for seating.  Hosts often ask those coming to the concert to bring there own folding chair or cushion. 

There is no minimum number of people required for an audience. At least 15 is a good starting point, and house concerts for 40 or more people can be successfully held if the room allows for this. Its up to you.

Your part is to:

  • Invite friends and anyone you feel may be interested, and encourage them to RSVP as soon as possible to ensure there is a good sized group.
  • Make a clear space available for the performers when they arrive to set up.
  • You can provide any sort of refreshments you wish such as simple snacks or coffee but there is no obligation.
  • You may want to invite guests to bring their own preferred refreshments.

For much more information on hosting your house concert, download this booklet.

How does the music work at a house concert?

Typically there will be two sets of music (approx 45 mins per set) with a break in between of about 20 minutes.  This gives guests an opportunity to socialise with eachother and the performers.  Every one gets refreshed and connected.

The music is likely to be a purely an acoustic performance i.e no sound system is used. Playing 'unplugged' is particularly good in a cosy, indoor space. If your house concert is outside or in a large space it's wise to use a small sound system to reinforce the sound so everyone is treated to an easy listening experience.

Is there a door charge at a house concert?

Appreciating the performance is all part of the house concert experience.  Either a koha at the  discretion of each guest or a door charge amount applies. Guests are aware of this in advance.  Sometimes a host meets the total cost of the performance but most often guests are invited to make their contribution as they arrive and settle in.    Alternatively a host may want to meet the total cost and treat their family and freinds to the concert experience.

Arrangements vary and we work this through together as we plan the house concert.

Going to a gig at a venue or a public concert usually has limited opportunity to mix with the musicians or relax in comfortable surroundings.  A concert performance is a unique way to be entertained and guests appreciate this through their door charge or donation.   This is important income for the musicians yet not the main focus of the event from their perspective.

We'd love to help you have live music at yours!

Please make contact if you'd like to explore bringing live music into your  home and creating magic moments for your friends, your community and the musicians you will get to know.

We hope you'll join us!

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