Welcome to our house!

Like you, we're nuts about live music.  We specialise in bringing awesome live performance to you. It's easy to have live music at the most comfortable venue in town - your place!

We create house concerts at your place!

A house concert connects you and your friends with musicians in your very own home.  It's an up close and personal encounter with those making the music in an informal setting.  You host your very own gig.

What's a house concert?

A house concert is an invitation-only live music performance given in your home.

House concerts enable you and your guests to sit back, relax and listen to quality live music in intimate surroundings.   House concerts are a great way to entertain and share the magic of live performance in a relaxed, new, hassle-free venue - your home.  

The magic of house concerts is the very close connection between the perfomers and the audience.  Everyone can be comfortable, warm and physically closer to the performers than would usually be possible.  No noisey bars. No need to head into town.  No standing in the back of the venue unable to see or hear well. 

Having an event? We can source your live music.

Name the place, the time and the kind of music that will match the occasion and we'll find a great live act to fit your budget (and volume level).  Get the party sorted - the musicians are on their way.

We provide live music thats just right for your event or occasion.

Whatever the occasion, live performance add's magic, energy and uniqueness to the gathering.    House supplies live music that is made to measure for your event or occasion wherever it's happening.

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